Why Life Insurance might be the best way to save for college.


College tuition has been rising at an alarming rate in recent years, and shows no sign of dropping. But there is a great way of saving you might not be familiar with: Life Insurance: Read more at our BLOG!

Life Insurance Calculator!


Think you have enough? Really? Check out this fun app, and see where you stand.

Life Insurance Calculator.

10 Factors That Can Raise Your Insurance Rates


Here is a fun list of things that might affect your insurance rates adversely……

10 Factors That Can Raise Your Insurance Rates

Beware of Medicare Scammers


Not to be an alarmist, but I get enraged when anyone tries to rip off someone I care about, that’s why I’m posting this.

While this is happening in Maine, it doesn’t mean it can’t happen in any other state. Please check out this article, and arm yourself with info!

Medicare scammers intimidating Maine seniors with threats of lost coverage