Our Difference

Progressive Planning Insurance specialize in life insurance and small group health insurance, and we can also assist with home, auto, and business.

Now is a great time to have your life insurance reviewed since superior life insurance policies are now available. We’ve been able to transfer the cash value of current universal life policies, to new, guaranteed universal life policies, and save our clients between 30-65% in annual premium payments. We also offer a complimentary group health analysis to determine if there are better carriers or plans available to help save on premium and increase the take-home pay for employees. We’ve been able to save our clients thousands of dollars a year in premiums and taxes. We make sure that all premiums are taken out with pre-tax dollars and can help if you aren’t set up that way.

We also handle home and auto insurance, long-term-care insurance, disability insurance, annuities and more. If you aren’t satisfied with your current broker, give us an opportunity to service your account and see why 99% of our clients renew with us.